We typically work with clients in one of the following ways

  1. You want to do your own content marketing using I.N.V.T Content studio's consultative services

    This program scope includes a guided consulting session and a finalized report to draw conclusions regarding:

    • The existence (or lack of) various components;
    • The quality of the components;
    • The integration of the components;
    • The effectiveness of the components.
  2. You want I.N.V.T Content studio to help you build the right content marketing strategy for your business

    This program scope includes ongoing consulting and strategy development, and creation of a content program. (execution is not included).

  3. You want I.N.V.T Content studio to create and execute a customized content strategy for your business, so you can focus your efforts elsewhere

    This is a full content marketing program and includes:

    • Guided consulting session;
    • Development of a customized content marketing strategy;
    • Creation of a content program;
    • Execution of the content program.

There is a world of content opportunities out there just waiting to be discovered.

Are you ready to explore that world?