I.N.V.T. Content studio is where small business owners and startup founders find expert practical advice about content marketing.

  • Irena - founder and CEO


    Based in Serbia with team members and clients all over the globe, we are passionate about creating inspirational business stories that connect and engage, which gives small businesses an opportunity to tell their stories in a new and innovative way. We have a deep knowledge of marketing but prefer to stick with content organic efforts. Our journey through storytelling has proven that small businesses can create original work and capture an audience that matters.


    Hi, my name is Irena Milovanovic and I am the founder and CEO of I.N.V.T. Content Studio, a small content marketing studio that offers effective end-to-end content marketing solutions. I.N.V.T Content studio was born out of my persistent desire to help small businesses and startup companies find their voice and tell their story in a way they feel is aligned with their mission, goals, and values.


    Mission - Our mission is to help you get better results by offering you innovative, customized solutions and a documented content marketing strategy.
    Our goal - is to create tailor-fit solutions through an innovative approach.
    Vision - We aim to be the one-stop destination where our clients can realize the full potential of their marketing possibilities leading to increased revenue.

Give your small business an opportunity to compete along with the big companies by becoming a new venue of content innovation.

What our clients say about us:

  • "Irena quickly identified the flaws in the communication of mytoori.com’s landing page. Thanks to her feedback, I built a new landing page which helps visitors to easily understand what the product is about"

    Giwan Persaud

    mytoori.com ( Netherlands )

  • "As owner of the beauty salon “ Strouk “ I contacted I.N.V.T Content studio in order to try to attract more customers by using content marketing strategy. The team of I.N.V.T Content studio worked out a complete analysis and made a new content marketing strategy customized for a beauty salon. I highly recommend I.N.V.T Content studio because of their full commitment and transparency in their working processes with clients"

    Elena Sekerinova

    Beauty Salon "Strouk" ( North Macedonia )

  • "Working with I.N.V.T Content studio is a great experience. They are responsive, timely and professional, and they clearly love what they do. With their unique set of writing and publishing skills, they can turn ordinary content into a driving force in the marketing machine."

    Milos Bojkovic

    CDL.support ( USA )


  • Content strategy

    It all begins with understanding how to combine your goals and resources with your audience into a logical content strategy plan.

  • Content creation

    Content creation is the process of generating ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating content around those ideas and making that content accessible to your audience.

  • Content distribution

    Content distribution is the act of promoting content to online audiences in multiple media formats through various channels.

How we work

Every brand and business is on a digital journey with varying needs and challenges. The I.N.V.T Content studio services give small businesses the confidence and skills to become digitally empowered - enabling them to do it for themselves – to create better, longer and more profitable relationships with their customers. And where it’s simply not practical for you to do it yourself, we are happy to help fill the void in turning strategy and planning into ACTION.

Free resources

Too many companies waste time and resources on ineffective, quick solutions, losing the possibility to cultivate long term values. Content strategy is not only a mindset it is a set of tools too.
That is why we've created these free content marketing resources

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